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PhD Course on

XXIX Session
The PhD School of Information Engineering at the Università di Napoli Parthenope, Napoli, Italy, offers PhD positions on different topics related to ICT.
In the 2013 national University ranking commissioned by the Italian University and Research Ministry, University of Napoli Parthenope has been classified at the fourth position, on a total of 47 main Universities, in the field of ICT Engineering (Electronics, Computer Science, Communications, Electromagnetics, Control Systems).
Potential applicants
Applications are invited from candidates, regardless of nationality, who hold an Italian “laurea magistrale” (second level- or master degree) or an equivalent foreign degree in Electrical Engineering or related fields.
The validity of a foreign degree is assessed by the Examining Committee of the PhD course, in compliance with the regulations in force in Italy and in the issuing country.
Candidates who will earn such a degree by October 31st, 2013 can also apply. In such a case, the admission to the selection will be “conditional” and the applicant will be required to submit the relevant degree certificate.
Number of available positions
A total number of 20 positions are available. The five best candidates will receive the standard research scholarship of €12,378/year (net amount established by Italian law). Help for housing is provided. Students also get the opportunity to spend research periods outside Italy during the program with an extra funding.
The Course has a duration of three years starting from January 2014. The selection is based on the evaluation of the CV, publications and reference letters. Moreover the candidates should present a detailed plan of the research activity he/she intends to carry out during the Ph.D. (note, however, that the research illustrated in the document sent with the admission application does not necessarily represent the research to be developed during the Ph.D. itself). The best candidates will be invited to an oral discussion which, in case of foreign candidates, can be also held via Skype.
Important dates and contacts
Applications must be turned in no later than November 7th, 2013 (new deadline). Perspective candidates are encouraged to contact the Coordinator of the PhD board, Prof. Marco Ariola sending an e-mail to