The FITNESS Research Group belongs to several research consortia.
Our research activity mainly focuses on Fault and Intrusion Tolerant NEtworked SystemS (FITNESS) especially those protecting Critical Infrastructures.
  • FITNESS Research Group is also involved in:
  • Participation in ETSI TISPAN Working Group activities in the area of Next Generation Network (NGN) security
  • Contribution to ETSI Speech and Multimedia Transmission Quality (STQ) WG
    • Co-authoring of recommendation on “Network Performance Metrics and Measurement Methods in IP Networks“
  • Active involvement in the IETF IPFIX Working Group
    • Co-authoring of the IPFIX Internet Draft on flow selection techniques
  • FITNESS Group keeps advisory activities to the Europeaan Commission, such as:
  • IMG-S TA:
    • The goal of the IMG organisation is to enable discussion and reach consensus between the ASD members and furthermore between all the ASD and non ASD stakeholders on the medium and long term planning of the security projects proposals in the frame of a coherent mapping which will be discussed with the EC
    • The General Organisation, consists in a “Synthesis & Coordination Group” (SCG) which will work on the information provided by “Technical Area” group (TA)
  • ENISA PROCENT Group of Experts:
    • Priorities of Research On Current and Emerging Network Technologies


FITNESS Group is involved in collaborations with several public and private institutes.